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I warmly welcome you to “Letters” a newsletter division of Tatva Within.

I am Dr Pooja; Founder of Tatva Within.

A combination that describes me well is:

Certified Life Coach, NLP-CBT-Mindfulness Master Practitioner | Yoga Teacher & Yogic Nutrition Consultant| Traveller | Writer | Author

My mission and vision is to help all those action-takers who want to walk on the path of success and spirituality, and want to live a healthy, purposeful, meaningful and blissful life. To help action-takers discover their true potential, and find clarity and balance to become a better version of themselves.

Letters are Subtle thoughts into simplified words!

Weekly letters on Life and Learning, a conversation that I don’t share in public space, will help you feel better, become better and find peace and purpose in life!

Every day an inch closer to your true self!

If you are a personal development & self-transformation enthusiast, a seeker of the true meaning of life, want to live a blissful life through your objectives and options available to you to achieve desired goals in your personal and professional life, want to stay inspired to achieve your life goals and want to grow as a better human being and want to become better day by day in various aspects of your life then “Letters” are for you.

I am super excited to drop “Letters” filled with peace, joy, good vibes and warmth into your inbox every Saturday.

Looking forward to onboarding you on the path towards bliss and contentment.

Have a blissful time ahead!

Warm Regards,

Dr Pooja

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Subtle thoughts into simplified words! Weekly letters on Life and Learnings will help you feel better, become better, find peace and purpose in life! Daily an inch closer to your true self!


Dr Pooja Patel
Founder - Tatva Within | Certified Yoga Teacher & Life Coach | Author | Writer